Trumpet and Organ / Cembalo

The musical marriage of two royal instruments (the organ as the “queen of instruments” and the trumpet as the “instrument of kings”) culminates in a glorious and festive sound. Its effects may be enhanced by adding another trumpet or vocal soloists to the ensemble.

Hochfürstlich Sachsen-Weissenfelsische Hoftrompeten
(Royal Court Trumpeters of Saxe-Weissenfels)

In remembrance of the magnificent splendour at the Weissenfels court under Duke Christian of Saxe-Weissenfels, especially in terms of trumpet music, the ensemble cherishes the musical legacy of the “heroic and musical trumpeters’ and kettledrummers’ art”. In its basic configuration, the ensemble Hochfürstlich Sachsen-Weissenfelsische Hoftrompeten performs on historical instruments with four baroque trumpets, baroque kettledrums and organ or orchestra, dressing up in historically inspired costumes when the occasion allows.

Ensemble musica laetitia

This ensemble consists of several brass soloists who concertize in unusual combinations, for example, with one trumpet, one to three oboes and one or two bassoons with optional Continuo accompaniment.  They perform on both modern and historical instruments.

Baroque Orchestra musica laetitia

Depending on requirements, this chamber orchestra is made up of 9 to 22 professional musicians. In arranging their concert programmes, they exclusively choose original baroque scores and perform them in the originally intended arrangements and settings, using only historical instruments in baroque tuning (a’=415 Hz). The orchestra is also available for performances of cantatas and oratorios.